Many excellent resources examine the principle of personal revelation, and a growing body of work surrounds the concept of creativity. The Creativity-Personal Revelation Connection explores the relationship between the two.

We have been taught to recognize the Lord’s inspiration. By contrast, our perceptions of creativity and the processes of spiritual and physical creation are usually less defined.We may not recognize the constant flow of inspiration that prompts creativity because we do not expect either to be commonplace or frequent. Authors Susan C. Eliason and Karen W. Pool seek to broaden understanding of this oft-neglected perspective.

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From the book:

“Our deepest creativity cannot be forced. It must be allowed the time and space to grow and develop in tune with its own natural rhythm.” —Christiane Northrup

“Karen received my account with her usual interest and encouragement. By the next day, she had drafted a preliminary outline for further study and writing on the relationship between creativity and personal revelation.

“The implications, we decided, were enormous; and the opportunities for additional examination, seemingly endless. From that careful, prayerful, inventive thought came the chapters of this book.” —Susan E.

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As we search the scriptures and experiment with real-life creativity, it becomes increasingly apparent that our creative selves are connected to God through personal revelation. Choosing to acknowledge and nurture this concept will nudge us forward into realms of profound growth as we discipline our creative and spiritual sensibilities.

Then, at some point, we begin to recognize the constant flow of inspiration that occurs in the process of creation—whether it comes while preparing a presentation, developing a lasting relationship, or living a life of goodness and contribution. For each child of God, this process is unique. Consequently, the approach introduced in this book emphasizes personal application of principles and individual interpretation of the connections the authors suggest exist in virtually every facet of life.