What others say about Karen’s workshops

“Before I was introduced to [Karen’s] Life Creation Process, I didn’t feel capable of making my dreams come true. I felt stuck in what I now know as a scarcity mentality and didn’t know how to change. For me, just naming what I wanted was an important first step. When I got clear, things began to change – as if what I wanted began to fall into my lap. It was remarkable. Before, I couldn’t see the way. Now I believe it’s possible even if I can’t see a pathway right away.” —Yara

“Engaging in the Life Creation Process opened many new doors for me. It helped me realize the potential within myself to achieve my goals and dreams — things I feel I need to be doing and the things I want to do. I am learning to simplify my life and not let the unimportant things stress me out. As we learned in the seminar, it is not about getting busier, it is about becoming more creative. I see it as becoming the very best I can be at whatever I do. Whatever our tasks in life may be, we can enjoy the journey and achieve our dreams. With a little self-discipline and commitment, we can appreciate the good things in life and put them to good use for ourselves and those around us.” —Julie

“[Karen’s Life Creation Process] is different  from other programs. Other programs focus on goals generated outside of ourselves. We work on them because of fear of failure, which is not a motivator that will sustain permanent change. Change is hard when we try to change from a place of fear. The Life Creation Process invites us to focus on the things that we love to do — that capture our mind and imagination. These things will sustain our motivation because they touch our soul, and that is where the power is.” —Sandy

“Since I have learned how to use the Life Creation Process, I have seen several of my dreams become a reality. I have published some of my poetry; work is paying for me to visit places I wrote down that I wanted to see; and I am moving into a neighborhood and house that fit many of the specifics I wrote that I wanted to have in my dream home. I am happier, more relaxed, and more focused. I don’t feel as though I’m stagnating or ‘marking time’ any longer. I’ve often had success with setting goals and working hard to achieve them, but personal life planning includes my dreams, my ‘wishful thinking,’ the things that seem to be outside of my control or reach in the near future. And I am seeing these things happen.”