How to Make Writing Easier Assignment 2.5

Writing Sprints: Set a timer for one minute. Write about one of the topics listed below and reset the timer for another minute. Plan to write on 10 topics in 10-15 minutes. Number each of your 1-minute writings and when you finish all ten in the space below. Submit them. Print a copy of your work. Here are two sets of topics to choose from: 1. For a life story: Write about—age 6, first date, best memory, a month ago . . ., age 16, first time driving a car, first job, best advice, favorite food, a character trait I admire, age 21, last time I felt happy, yesterday, age 14, best achievement, five years ago, a transformational moment, favorite season. 2. OR, if you are writing a story, here are some other options for sprinting: describe a main character, a minor character, set up a conflict scene, describe a certain location, the story's moral dilemma, a scene where the title of your writing project is clarified, main character's decision, another important decision, start a conversation, decide who shows up for dinner, your first paragraph, a surprise destination, start a section of dialogue, your ending paragraph.