The purpose of this workshop is to assist you in the development of short- and long-range life planning skills using your imagination and creativity. You make better progress in your life when you can lay out your plans on paper and think ahead about what you want to happen in your future. Integrating the course material with the activities of each lesson increases accountability and breakthrough moments. You’ll:

  • Expand your perspective and options,
  • Learn how your mind works,
  • Practice the habit of follow-through,
  • Practice creative processes that enable you to persevere in the face of obstacles,
  • Develop 1-, 5-, and 20-year adjustable plans.

If you do the activities, I promise that your creative plan will emerge and transform your life.

A Testimonial!

nate-moller“I’ve worked with Karen Pool and now for over a year. Although our relationship started out as a business to business connection, through working with Karen we’ve become great friends as well. “As I’ve gone through the steps of the Life Planning workshop, it’s really opened my eyes to all the possibilities that are right in front of me. Simply writing goals and dreams out in a structured, formal way and then reviewing those goals and dreams has helped me bring many of them to fruition already. “I definitely recommend Karen Pool and the life planning workshop for anyone who is serious about setting and achieving life goals, both for business and personally.” – Nate M.

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What Others Have to Say

“I am listening to my heart for the answers knowing that they will appear when it’s time. I’m so fortunate to have traveled through this online program and learned how to discover, rejoice, laugh, and create.”   —Michelle “I’ve discovered that I am stronger than I ever knew. I have learned that I can go back to school, that I can be creative, and that I can live and be happy.”  —Rosalie “Something has changed inside, like a key turning in a lock. The sensation is not one of being locked, but of being unlocked. I am happy because I am choosing to act rather than react. I am identifying specific commitments for myself with enough detail to bring my dreams and goals into reality.”  —Heather “I feel like my life has turned a corner and picked up momentum. As I’ve practiced the creative processes, they are becoming more natural and are making a difference in my life both personally and professionally. There is so much power in knowing what you want.”  —Logan


About Karen Karen W. Pool, M.S. presents workshops that encourage the development of creativity and imagination. Formerly a university administrator and teacher educator, Karen is President of lifemagination. For more than two decades she has taught a Life Creation Process and encouraged individuals to invent their lives by creating a flexible 20-year plan. She is the author of Transformational Thinking, Celebrating Women’s Voices, and Designing Your Life Vision.