Table of Contents

Module Two—Increase Self-Awareness

  • 2.1 – Notice Self-Talk
  • 2.1 Activity: Resistance or Possibility
  • 2.2 – What’s on Your Mind? (More than you think . . .)
  • 2.2 Activity: 100 questions
  • 2.3 – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
  • 2.3 Activity: Identify Your Personal Blocks & Barriers
  • 2.4 – Other Common Blocks & Barriers
  • 2.4 Activity: Identify Beliefs Scripts & Limiting Assumptions
  • 2.5 – Trapped in Either/Or Thinking
  • 2.5 Activity: Brainstorm More Options
  • 2.6 – Change Fears & Blocks into Opportunities
  • 2.6 Activity: Flip Fear/Block into Opportunity

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Increase Self-Awareness

Self-awareness—how mindful we are of our thoughts and feelings—is fundamental to the life creation process. Self-awareness is a sensitivity to the flow of information through us and from us impacts what we create on many different levels. Awakened self-awareness sheds light, like sunlight, on our tendencies, gifts, passions, interests, and desires—the truth of our lives.

Many of us are conditioned to not know what we want. We easily stay on the comfortable path of familiar roads. We keep doing what we have done largely out of limited awareness of thinking patterns, habits, and of what different options could be available.

Before we create our lives, it is essential to gather information about ourselves—what has meaning, our deepest desires, and what our experiences are teaching us. In this contemplative process you will uncover your values, strengths, and desires. You will recognize your perceptual filters—the limits you put on yourself. Your sensitivity to what you consider to be roadblocks, problems, energy-drainers, and fears will set the stage for transforming them into opportunities for growth.

As you continue reading and thinking, consciously notice your thought patterns and desires. If your habitual first response is negative, it increases doubt and frustration. You can learn to mindfully change to positive energy, which fills you with encouragement and hope. You can track your thinking patterns just as you would check the temperature of the room before adjusting the thermostat. Noticing helps you become attentive and involved in the life you want to create. You can read more about Self-Awareness in my book, Transformational Thinking, Chapters 2-4.

The First Action Step

  1.  Notice Self-Talk