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Table of Contents

Module Three—Brainstorm and Dream

  • Module 3.1 – The Value of Dreaming on Paper
  • Module 3.1 Activity: What Do I Want?
  • Module 3.2 – Brainstorming as a Creative Process
  • Module 3.2: Brainstorm Many More Ideas
  • Module 3.3 – Imagination Writing
  • Module 3.3 Activity: Imagination Writing – 20 Years Forward
  • Module 3.4 – More Imagination Writing
  • Module 3.4 Activity: Topic Imagination Writing – 5 Years Forward
  • Module 3.5 – Mid-Point Assessment
  • Module 3.5 Activity: What I’ve Learned

The Power of Intention

You may not have been asked very often what you want in life. We are seldom taught to honor the ideas and dreams that arise from our hearts. Intention is the strength of your resolve toward what you want to create. You awaken intention by asking yourself what you want. As you begin an inward search, you may realize, for instance, that you want financial independence, more intimacy in your relationships, or time to pursue a set-aside interest. Your intentions provide a structure for action.

We are all creative. Every day we engage in the highest form of creativity possible as we invent our lives in new ways. We are in an ongoing process of creating and re-creating our relationships, thought patterns, attitudes, habits, dreams, and ways of living, consciously or unconsciously. As you recognize your role as the creator of your life, and influence the direction it is going and the shape it is taking, you will find additional opportunities for progress and change.

There are many ways to open your heart and mind to the future. Open-ended sentences that you finish are one creative way of discovering desires and dreams. As you record your answers and compare it to other writing, you will begin to see patterns emerge. You start to “see” things you want to have happen rather than living your life by default, reacting to whatever comes up. Ask yourself again and again: What do I want?

The First Action Step:

  1. Module 3.1 The Value of Dreaming on Paper