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An Encouraging Word

Many of us awaken and reawaken to this search for purpose and meaning at various times throughout our lives. We may find ourselves entangled in the abundance of available information, opinions, and advice. In our hearts we know our yearnings and deepest desires in life and wonder how we’ll achieve them.

In addition, we process information that comes to us through the filters of our perceptions. Each filter has residues attached to it: assumptions, expectations, previous experiences, or reactive patterns. As a result, we have a natural tendency to immediately judge new ideas. Instead, engage in this process of life creation with an inquisitive heart:

  • How can I use this information?
  • What can I learn that will transform my thinking processes?
  • What will move me closer to the fulfillment of my dreams and goals?

Choosing to develop your creative imagination will transform your life. As your thoughts and dreams become visible, you will develop pathways leading to their fulfillment. When questions arise throughout this experimental journey, write them down. Begin an “Invent My Life” notebook—a place to capture questions, insights, new or puzzling ideas, to make plans, and generate the details of your dreams. In addition, start thinking of general areas of your life you desire to develop and/or change. Print copies of what you write and add them to your notebook.

Jocelyn shared her experience with the Life Planning Process: “I have a fresh enthusiasm, hope, and trust in my ability to change my life. There is a wake-up call—the awareness that not only can things be different, I can be a part of making that difference happen.”

Module 1.1 Activity: Introduction & Self- Assessment

Please introduce yourself. Answer the following self-assessment questions:
  • :