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Table of Contents

  • Module 5: Assessment
  • Module 5.1: Celebration
  • Module 5.1 Activity: Brainstorm Rewards & Incentives
  • Module 5.2: Follow-Through/Review
  •  Module 5.2Activity: Five-Year Planning Worksheet
  • Module 5.3 Activity: 20-Year Planning Worksheet
  • Module 5.4 Activity: Course Evaluation


Sometimes our best plans fall short or fail miserably. Timing, funding, and needed support may not come as expected, or our own efforts stop short of the success we desire. Assessment means adjusting plans that don’t seem to be working, as if you were tuning a radio dial—eliminating the static and moving one step closer to what will work. Assessment is where we choose and unchoose without regret or guilt. Even failure offers lessons and celebration opportunities

Pursuing your dreams requires consistent experimentation and observation—looking without harsh judgment at what is happening and what you want to be different. The development of curiosity helps you observe the process when you’re uncomfortable, frustrated, or impatient. Some of us shut down or quit when we become impatient. For others, the natural inclination is to push harder. Even in the discomfort of uncertainty, you can observe this and choose to enjoy the emerging creative journey. You can practice “listening for”—noticing insights and sudden ideas that may come in unexpected moments. Relaxation, observation, and enjoyment of what’s happening keep you in the language and energy of possibilities.

It’s when we become impatient with the process of creation and its inherent stops and starts that we experience resistance. We can reframe the impatience as an “aha”—a lesson awaits on the horizon. This does not mean we become resigned, only that we engage our creativity using the processes we’ve practiced.

  • Brainstorming
  • First-thought writing
  • Word maps
  • Searching for the opportunity in what we’re resisting.

Remember that “not knowing” opens you to creative possibilities and prompts you to ask different kinds of questions. Every so often listen to your self-talk and check to see where you are focusing your energy. When you are comfortable with not knowing you are in the best place to make continued progress.

The Action Step