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Develop a Long-Range Vision

As you’ve worked through the various activities in earlier modules, you have brainstormed many ideas in a variety of areas. Many of the “new” ideas you come up with when doing this kind of brainstorming can seem impossible when reflected against your experiences (or lack of) from the past, and the critic inside your head lets you know every time with a judgment call: “That would never work,” It’s too risky.” You can practice setting the critic’s messages aside while you discover the answers from inside yourself that work best. Then you can work out the details, timing, and consider how to move through and around roadblocks.

You start having your dreams happen by writing them down. At the age of 15, a young man named John Goddard wrote a list of his lifetime goals. Although he was a teenager living in Los Angeles, his dreams were global: climb Mount Kilimanjaro, ride an ostrich, retrace the travels of Marco Polo. Land on an aircraft carrier. Appear in a Tarzan movie. Explore the Nile River. His life list, as he called it, numbered 127 goals, each one more fantastic than the one before. By the time he was fifty, he had accomplished almost all of them. Writing them down, he says, made them a kind of blueprint, and he was ready for any opportunity that came along. The first step was to write them down, to conceive them as a possibility, to see them as real in words before him.

You have chosen to work on one or two projects or dreams as you move forward. It’s still beneficial to organize the ideas you’ve brainstormed into common areas and develop a long-range plan. As you sort through the information you have gathered, you will have discovered or rediscovered dreams and desires that interest you. By working initially with the following five categories—career and professional plans, creating financial self-reliance, building health relationships,physical and emotional health, and personal growth, you will learn how to expand into other personal areas you’ve chosen. For instance, additional categories I have include travel and other books I want to write.

Module 5.3 Activity: 20-Year Flexible Plan

  • Download this planning worksheet.

    Fill in the current year and each year for 20 years. Under self, add your current age and your age for each year. Do the same if you have a spouse and children. Then fill in possible goals for each of the five-year sections listed below. Scan your worksheet in the space below.