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Some people use daily to-do lists to keep track of the many chores, assignment, and responsibilities they want to accomplish. it’s easy to work hard to to stay ahead of daily, weekly, and monthly activities. We can be so fixed on what’s right in front of us and be unprepared for things that come up that we hadn’t thought about being prepared for. It’s helpful to work out some plans that require a longer span of time. For instance, you may want to plan for the cost of your kids braces, college education, or be able to save enough money to buy your next car outright.

We had a goal for getting out of debt. When we wrote everything we were paying for out on paper, including credit and department cards, we realized it would take us about five years. We learned that if we paid one debt off and and put that same amount of money toward the next priority to pay off, we could reduce the time. By power-paying down our debt, we were able to get completely out of debt in just over 2 1/2 years.

Module 5.2: Five-Year Planning Worksheet

  • Download this planning grid.

    Choose one of your primary goals, and fill in the worksheet with the details of what you want to accomplish each year for the next five years. Then scan the worksheet into the space below.