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Table of Contents

  • Module 4.1: Action Plans
  • Module 4.1 Activity: Prioritizing Details of a Goal
  • Module 4.2: Change the Problem/Solution Ratio
  • Module 4.2 Activity: 90% Focus on Solutions
  • Module 4.3: Word Mapping as a Detailing Process
  • Module 4.3 Activity: Word Map a Goal or Dream

Action Plans and Timetables

When we clarify a direction or project in our lives, sometimes what is required for completion comes to our attention, the pieces fall into place, and we move forward with ease. More often, though, many of our dreams die from lack of detail. Margaret Lobenstine writes, “No matter how you define your dreams, the specifics will lend them shape and dimension.”

When we create dreams without the specifics, what we want is usually too large in our heads. Our desires need to be broken down into smaller tasks or amounts, just as we make smaller monthly payments to pay off a large loan. With detail, planning a trip, remodeling a home, or writing a business plan happens more easily.

The concepts suggested for developing detail, prioritizing, and creating action plans for our dreams provide the central motivation point of this life planning process. It’s also the most disorderly part of the process. Once you have specific detail, you can clarify the priorities and identify the smallest action that fits into your weekly and monthly schedules. You begin to bring your dreams into reality.

The Action Step