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Change the Problem/Solution Ratio

Once we choose a dream or goal, it’s easy to focus on the problems we’ll face. They rise above the surface, screaming for attention. Out of habit many of us moan and groan about what isn’t working, graphically describing the possible barriers to any resolution. We may think of a possible solution. If it doesn’t easily work though, we refocus back to how we’ll have a harder time overcoming the challenge. This constant focus on the problem saps our energy and brings with it stress and discouragement.

A better pathway is to briefly describing the scope of the dilemma, and then focus on what you want, not on doubts. Then engage your imagination and energy to generate many possibilities. If the first few don’t work, you are simply that much closer to finding a solution that will. Focusing the majority of your time on generating solutions invites high energy, creativity, and motivates you to continue innovating until the best outcome presents itself. As shown in the previous chapter, brainstorming details helps you think of ways and means you may not have considered in solving problems or accomplishing the next step in your dream.

NOTE: Most plans you make require some wiggle room, so be prepared to adapt and make changes where necessary. Rather than feeling stopped or blocked in your progress, remain open, curious, and investigative. Watch for other ways to look at a situation that will produce a pathway you may not have considered.

Module 4.2 Activity: 90% Focus on Solutions