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What Are You Learning About Yourself and Life Planning? 

Initially, experimenting with this kind of writing to transform your thinking takes practice. You may see a discrepancy between where you are and the future you desire.

Observe your thinking to become more self-aware, not more judgmental.

You are engaging in a trial and error process that begins on paper, so you can gather information, choose, experiment, and un-choose, if it isn’t the right course. As you pursue the dreams and desires of your hearts with clear intent, you begin to align with your highest values and what creates the greatest good for those around you. You develop more trust in yourself and increase your commitment to the well being of your families, community, and the business where you work. In the next module you’ll choose a couple of dreams/goals, etc. and get more specific about the details—the smallest actions you can take to move forward.

“We live in an expanding universe, a universe of plenty.
Perhaps the safest prediction we can make about the future is that it will surprise us.
Our key choice is whether to become aware of and take responsibility for the power of our intentions.”

—Peter London

You can read more about brainstorming and other participants’ responses in Chapter 6 of my book, Transformational Thinking.

Module 3.5 Activity: What I've Learned