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Topic Imagination Writing

You can experiment with Imagination Writing in a specific area of life: what you want to happen financially in five years, for instance. From the perspective of a clear, imagined vision, you can work backwards, capturing insights, creating detail and structure. Imagine a world where there is enough time to figure things out.

James imagined and described owning a particular type of house. Initially, he and his wife thought it would be years before they could qualify for this home. Just for fun, they focused on what steps would have to be taken prerequisite to buying a house, including a budget, spending less money elsewhere, and working on getting out of debt. Within three weeks they made budget and expenditure decisions, found a house plan, and checked out realistic financial arrangements. Soon they were in the process of deciding between two lots. Prior to imagining what it would be like to own their dream home, the possibility was merely a wish in the distant future.

Module 3.4 Activity: Topic Imagination Writing – Five Years Forward

  • You can use Imagination Writing with any topic. Choose two of the topics below and identify what would be happening in these area 5 years in the future. Write without stopping for 5 minutes each.
    home work/career
    finances lifestyle
    relationships spiritual development
    education creative self-expression
    environment leisure/travel
    personal growth contributions, etc.