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Imagination Writing

In the busyness of daily living, many of us find little time for creating our lives. Seeing the future in vivid detail is the first step to creating what you want in reality. When we clarify what we want 20 years ahead, we create a beacon in the future—a light of sorts that we can see from a distance drawing us forward. We can chart to the present and begin living our dreams now by finding the smallest piece of our desire to fit into our week.

Similar to writing many dreams without stopping, Imagination Writing extends your vision forward in time, engaging foresight rather than hindsight. Writing from your imagination releases creative power and helps you tap into your subconscious wisdom. Focus on creating what you want in your imagination free of restrictions and blocks. In a realm of possibilities you may find that you have all kinds of interesting ideas you never thought of before.

Module 3.3 Activity: Imagination Writing - Twenty Years Forward