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Brainstorming as a Creative Process

Becoming our unique selves is essential to our progress and happiness as adults. When we only absorb the well-meaning suggestions of others, we lose access to clarity about what’s best for us. Creative processes, such as brainstorming help us expand our thinking to include dreams, goals, and aspirations that can be integrated into our daily lives. Our imagination unlocks possibilities and options. We can invent the future in our imagination to discover possibilities before creating it in the physical world.

We live in an age of complex opportunities and challenges that require the full use of our minds. When we do ask ourselves what we want, many of us concentrate on using only the left-brain part of our mind capability. Carol Orsborn writes, “The left-brain’s powers are limited to building upon the information that is already present in our consciousness. Our intuitive right brain is the creator of our breakthroughs, sudden clarity, and insights. It generates intuition, knowledge, and guidance beyond that which our logic can access.” The creative processes of brainstorming and imagination writing encourage whole-brain thinking in creating a vision for our lives.

Brainstorming quickly and intensely with a time limit allows you to reach deeper levels of intention and ideas. Go for quantity, not quality. Remember that writing the first thoughts that come to your mind quickly and without judgment and continuing to write, stops the inner critic from sabotaging your efforts before you’ve begun.

You can also jot down a general category such as relationships, career, finances, education, health, etc. Then write goals for that category. Release any concern about how to accomplish any of these goals. The time to revise or toss out goals will come later. For now, give your creativity free rein. Make sure you print a copy of your work.

Module 3.2 Activity: Brainstorm Many More Ideas

Use the following sentences for brainstorming. Each one is tailored to move you into your imagination. Stay with completing each question for about 4-5 minutes before you go on to the next one, or until you have 15-20 ideas. The longer you stay in brainstorming, the deeper you will reach into your heart.