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The Value of Dreaming on Paper

Identifying and recording our dreams and future plans brings our desires to the forefront of our lives. Most often, we live at the shallow end of the mind pool—satisfied with our daily to-do lists, reading others’ writing, and watching others’ lives on television. Thoughts swirl through our minds at an astoundingly rapid pace and so much stays inside our heads. When we spill our thoughts on paper, we create a space for our goals and dreams to grow. We gain insights from writing we cannot get from contemplation alone.

When you’re writing your dreams out on paper, keep your hand moving. Too often we mix up the creator and the critic—sabotaging our ideas before we even begin. Keeping your hand moving appropriately disengages the critic during the life creation process.

Module 3.1 Activity: What Do I Want?

  • Complete the following open-ended questions as many times as you can: