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Change Fears and Blocks into Opportunities

When we have a fear, block, or problem floating around in our head, it is usually vague and overwhelming—easy to dwell on it without productively addressing it. Behind every fear is an unmet desire for something different. Write the fear on a 3×5 card or piece of paper. Writing slows your thinking and defines the problem more specifically, which also makes it more manageable. An example is: FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING.

Stated as a fear, or block, it still presents a formidable problem to which there isn’t any apparent solution. Flip the 3×5 card over and transform it into a desire or want. It can be as simple as restating it in the opposite way. (Example: I WANT TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC WITH EASE.) Now it is something you can work with and do something about.

You can now create detail on how to learn this new skill. You can use imagination writing, brainstorming, or other creative process to generate ideas on how to make this your new reality.

Module 2.6 Activity: Flip Fear/Block into Opportunity