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Notice How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Our minds process incoming data based on the available information and does not distinguish between faulty perceptions and reality. Before passing into our brain to be stored and retrieved, information from the environment passes through many perceptual filters, including cultural, societal, familial, gender expectations, and belief scripts about the way we should be and the way life should be. These filters change the information, sometimes distorting it. We also compare incoming information against our past experience, judging things as good, bad, helpful, frightening, hurtful, and so forth. While it is natural and useful to compare new information against past experience, it can also keep us stuck. We maintain the status quo in our lives.

We break the cycle of behavior only as we alter the cycle of thinking patterns in our minds. When we begin to see and process information differently and expand our thinking—like shifting the angle of a camera shot—we become aware of new options and possibilities previously hidden from view.

Module 2.3 Activity: Identify Barriers and Blocks