I’ve designed this online workshop, “How to Make Writing Easier” to encourage individuals who want to overcome the inhibitions they developed as young writers. Maybe you’ve begun a novel, story, or nonfiction work and are stuck somewhere in the middle. Perhaps you want to record your life’s story and leave a legacy.

I’ve been teaching about how to make writing easier for over two decades in workshops, to book groups, and in my university courses. In the beginning, students or workshop participants are hesitant to engage. Those I’ve worked with leave surprised and inspired to continue writing. You may experience some of the same dilemmas they express:
• You feel inspired to write and haven’t a clue about how to start or,
• You’re discouraged before you even start, thinking you could never be good enough.

Even though you will be writing, I’m not planning to critique your work; only offer encouragement, help you develop some new habits, and make progress in improving your writing. You will begin to recognize your creative writing voice. Each section includes questions for you to consider and ideas for writing practice. By completing this online writing workshop, you will:
• Experiment with the process of first-thought writing,
• Learn how your mind works and what gets in the way,
• Improve your writing and gain confidence in your writing skills,
• Develop a structure for continued writing, and
• Explore possibilities for completing and publishing your writing project.

A Testimonial!

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.03.35 AM“Last year my book group invited Karen to our meeting and she led us through some writing exercises. Many of the members of the group had expressed some discomfort beforehand about writing—it was definitely out of their comfort zones—but it was a positive experience for everyone. The exercises forced us to think more deeply and more meaningfully, and we got to know ourselves, and each other, in new ways. Members of the group expressed that it was enlightening and thought-provoking and surprisingly fun.” – Yara Wilson

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About Karen

Karen W. Pool, M.S. presents workshops that encourage the development of creativity and imagination. Formerly a university administrator and teacher educator, Karen is President of lifemagination. For more than two decades she has taught a Life Creation Process and encouraged individuals to invent their lives by creating a flexible 20-year plan. She is the author of Transformational Thinking, Celebrating Women’s Voices, and Designing Your Life Vision.