How we go about setting goals teaches us a lot about ourselves. You may be in a place to design your life and haven’t thought of tapping into your own creativity, original writing, and imaging to discover your heart’s desires. . . . You can trust this process because your heart always aligns with your deepest intentions for good.

Choose Your List

It helps if you identify several areas where you want to set goals in your life. I use a small notebook to capture these. For instance, I’m wanting to create some quiet space, work toward financial freedom, and identify the things I want to design in our get-away place. Then as ideas come, I have a place to store them. Later I prioritize them, and place them in time.

If you want to discover the themes of your heart and the patterns of your dreams when goal setting then Karen Pool’s book Designing Your Life Vision is a must read! You will be introduced to activities throughout this book to enhance discovery and inner creativity. As you experiment with these ideas, you will gradually develop your own unique visioning style.

“The magic ingredient [of visioning] is the process of consciously designing the kinds of experiences you want.” Lucia Capacchione

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