You can get much of what you want in life . . . but first you have to know what that is and give yourself permission to want it. The authors say, “When we’re ready to change and grow, we may search the opinions and writing of others for our answers when the truest answers for each of us come from within.” In this workbook, you can:

– Get in touch with yourself and find your own answers
– Figure out what you want in life and when

– Quit feeling guilty for not being perfect
– Name and validate your thoughts, feelings, and wants
– Discover the strength of your inner self
– Learn the fine art of self care
– Explore your values, attitudes, and beliefs
– Begin life planning

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This workbook has been planned to provide plenty of writing room because the most important part of the book will be the personal ideas and answers you write in it. When you accept the fact that you have your own answers inside yourself and take responsibility for the pattern of life you can create, you will be happier and more confident. You will realize that what is best for you is also best for those around you. By doing for yourself you will have a more positive influence on those you love and with whom you associate.