I love the process of writing, the exploration and invention of an idea with words. The frothiness and disarray of beginnings is where I touch the possibility of a story or concept, and bring it to life. Writing gives my curiosity an outlet. I also write to share ideas I find as I study and learn.

Structured Creativity

My early yearnings for creativity were structured—draw this, play these notes, write this way. So I bent my mind and heart and creativity around what was already developed. Certainly this taught me about structure and discipline; it did not teach me, however, about stepping into the dark with an idea of my own. My own experience has taught me that. When I decided to keep writing, I made a promise to seek my creative voice.

When it comes up in a conversation that I’m writer and an author, many will mention that they have an idea for a book. Some think that for authors a story emerges effortlessly and needs little revision or correction. Unless you have written little, you know that the first draft of anything is rough. That’s the beginning. Then the work begins—the editing and refining process.

When I was working on my fiction novel, The Golden Thread. I wrote lots of rough stuff, practiced writing dialogue, creating scenes, exploring ideas of conflict, and took it to my writers’ critique group for feedback—one chapter every two weeks or so, refining, refining, refining . . . I’m an avid reader of both fiction and nonfiction. I’ve been happy writing curriculum and nonfiction, so it s t r e t c h e d me to write fiction.

If you want to write . . .

Marsha Sinter says this, “In unconscious regions of our souls we fear our own strength and talent and goodness, which when developed fully, make us visible, distinctive, powerful, and more fully responsible to take on the things we now avoid.”

If you want to write, make yourself a promise . . . to seek your creative voice. “When you promise yourself to seek yourself, soon your creations will flow without interruption.” —Jeanne Carbonetti

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