Are you cultivating dream seeds on a regular basis? While you’re busy with the all-consuming responsibilities of daily living, your heart often quietly invents dreams.

Are you listening?

Your heart seeks opportunities for growth, thriving, and stretching. In still moments, you may realize that you want to travel through Italy, write a book or your life history. You may want to assist in some humanitarian service in a developing country.

You may yearn for more rest, or want to figure out how to live debt free. You may want a new bed, or for your children to take music lessons. Large or small, your dreams are part of you.

Each dream is like a seed. Often it requires incubation time. This includes sifting, planning, nurturing, and trimming options to bring a desire to fruition. This is creating the details. Just as with gardening, ignoring the seeds—assuming they will produce what you desire on their own—discounts the impact of your contribution. On the other hand, yelling at the seeds to grow faster wastes energy.

Start Now

I schedule an hour a week, one-half day each quarter, and one week every year for creative thinking, and planning. I build in space for cultivating dream seeds. In his book, Aspire, Kevin Hall writes,

“Visualization is the first key to success. . . . Sometimes the marble we chisel as we face hurdles and challenges in our individual lives are malleable, and sometimes it’s hard. However difficult, being able to see what is ahead unleashes the ability to persevere and prevail.”

You may find it helpful to keep a small notebook or designate a place in your planner where you can jot down ideas that come. Then, as you look forward with life planning, you can discover pathways leading to their fulfillment.

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