Do you experience “the next aha” in your life on a regular basis?

We live in a universe brimming with ideas and aha moments, and we rarely see them. Hunches, insights, ideas, and aha’s could come our way if we would only notice. An aha is a sudden flash of clarity where all the pieces suddenly fit together in a way that is significant and wonderful.

We can learn how to tap into this unlimited expanse of information and ideas. These “aha’s” come because we populate our mind and heart with questions. It’s not technique; it’s principles. The bigger the aha moment, the more the principle connects to our core values.

Sometimes these come unexpectedly when I’m writing, reading, or listening to an inspiring speaker. Once in a while I see a connection or pattern I hadn’t seen before. For instance, I learned a surprising concept that improved my racquetball game from a YouTube video about golf by David Feherty. I’ve had book titles come to me, stories and metaphors I could use in teaching moments with my children and others, ideas for lessons I’m teaching, an easier way to explain a concept that puzzled me, and many insights related to spiritual questions I’ve had.

Three things distract us: 1) Often we keep ourselves too busy to pay attention. Every minute is filled to overflowing. Our minds are distracted continually. 2) We are perennially exhausted. 3) We haven’t created a time or space for inspiration and answers to enter. Decide to include some space around your thinking and doing. This may open the door to your next aha—a new or needful insight.

Many of the creative processes I teach in my online Life Planning Workshop bring participants to an aha moment as they create their futures and overcome obstacles.