For a number of years I’ve encouraged women to record the wisdom of their experiences: their deepest thoughts, feelings, musings, and lessons they’ve learned. Writing provides a connection to our heart voice where we catalog the wisdom of our lives. It takes courage to write thoughts and insights on paper. As you unearth perceptions and questions, you will:

– enrich your understanding of yourself
– become more aware of attitudes and desires
– develop a tool that leads to insight
– discover the wisdom of your ordinary reflections.

The women who wrote with me found voices hungering for a deeper form of expression. Their joys and frustrations; complaints; and humorous and wise insights mirror the experiences of many. This book of shared thought invites you to listen to your own heart voice.

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Reader Feedback

“This is a beautiful book. I simply read and marveled at the beauty and wisdom of so many women. I found myself making a mental list of friends and acquaintances to whom I will send this book.”
— Ellen Tadlock, life coach