Is Fear Stopping You From Writing?

Is fear stopping you from writing when you are inspired to do so? I’m sorting through a number of books and quotes on writing that I have accumulated over the years and synthesizing what I’ve underlined into a concise set of suggestions. Here are three inspiring quotes about writing that I share in my […]

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What Does Your Heart Say About Setting Goals?

How we go about setting goals teaches us a lot about ourselves. You may be in a place to design your life and haven’t thought of tapping into your own creativity, original writing, and imaging to discover your heart’s desires. . . . You can trust this process because your heart always aligns with […]

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Do You Love the Process of Writing?

I love the process of writing, the exploration and invention of an idea with words. The frothiness and disarray of beginnings is where I touch the possibility of a story or concept, and bring it to life. Writing gives my curiosity an outlet. I also write to share ideas I find as I study […]

Access Your Heart Intelligence

We access our heart intelligence anytime we choose to grow and stretch ourselves authentically. We trust our best self—the soft voice within, rather than listening to the cacophony of voices that would encourage us to be small. Discovering our own heart intelligence makes us a different person—more capable, confident, compassionate, and resourceful.
“So many of […]



Cultivate Dream Seeds

Are you cultivating dream seeds on a regular basis? While you’re busy with the all-consuming responsibilities of daily living, your heart often quietly invents dreams.

Are you listening?

Your heart seeks opportunities for growth, thriving, and stretching. In still moments, you may realize that you want to travel through Italy, write a book or your life […]

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Cultivate the Spirit of Gratitude in All Circumstances

I’ve gathered a truckload of perspectives on the subject of gratitude. It began years ago when a well-intentioned friend suggested that I express gratitude for a particularly frustrating experience. My heart flooded with anger at the thought. How could I to be grateful for pain? Since then, childbirth has taught me that pain and […]

Create First, Evaluate Later

We forget to create first, and evaluate later. We can’t drive a car in first gear and reverse at the same time. Likewise, when we mix different types of thinking, we strip our mental gears.

Creating means generating new ideas, visualizing, looking ahead, considering the possibilities. Evaluating means analyzing and judging, picking apart ideas and […]

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Are You Creating Your Life or Drifting . . .

Are you consciously creating your life or drifting? Within the daily onslaught of all we have to do, it’s easiest to just keep going without thinking ahead.

Years ago my husband finished his job in Mississippi, and moved to Texas to be near his family. I assumed our lives would roll smoothly through the next […]

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How to Encourage Creative Insight in All Aspects of Life

It’s important to encourage creative insight. Community, business, and family dynamics often require more innovation and creativity from us than we originally expect. If we want more innovation, creativity, and fresh ideas, we must become empowered ourselves and encourage it in others.

Empowerment starts internally—it’s a process whereby we gain control over our thinking as […]