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Karen W. Pool, M.S. presents workshops that encourage the development of creativity and imagination. Formerly a university administrator and teacher educator, Karen is President of lifemagination. For more than two decades she has taught a Life Creation Process and encouraged individuals to invent their lives by creating a flexible 20-year plan. She is the author of Transformational Thinking, Celebrating Women’s Voices, and Designing Your Life Vision.

First Children’s Book Coming: Jennie’s Song

Out of my imagination I took a phrase I heard from my daughter, Jennie, and turned it into a children’s story—Jennie’s Song. She was telling a cousin that her daughter had such a beautiful song inside her. As I pondered this, I realized that probably all living things, including each of us have a […]

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Are You Inspired to Write?

When I work with people who feel inspired to write, barriers usually come up—unique to each individual, even though I do see patterns. We receive nudges to document our original thoughts and experiences in every stage of life. Often busyness keeps us from responding to the subtle signals we receive urging us to record […]

Successful 2018 Tips

As the year end, we can imagine how we can create a successful 2018. We create our lives when we take responsibility for our own choices. When we recognize our unique capacity for creation and innovation—we begin to transform our thinking and eventually our lives. The following tips can guide your success in 2018:

• Brainstorm possibilities: Brainstorming […]

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How to Raise Your Energy Vibration

You can raise your energy vibration. Everything in the universe is made of energy or light vibrating at different frequencies. Every thought, word and action carries its own vibrational frequency. The more negative your thoughts, actions and words are, the lower your vibration; the more positive your thoughts, actions and words are, the higher your […]

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Recognize the Energy of Emotions

The following story in Catherine Thomas’s book entitled, Light in the Wilderness illustrates the energy of our emotions. Jacques Lusseyran, a blind Frenchman, tells his story which begins just before World War II in France. When seven years into a happy childhood, he suffered an accident and became totally and permanently blinded. He writes:
“Barely ten days […]

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The HeartMath Solution

This amazing book, The HeartMath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin, focuses on the intelligent heart. Here are some key points to consider:

• Scientific evidence shows that the heart sends us emotional and intuitive signals to help govern our lives.

• Many ancient cultures maintained that the primary organ responsible for influencing and directing […]

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Engage the Creation Cycle in Your Life

There are several aspects of the creation cycle—forming an idea, improving or refining the idea, following that with some kind of physical manifestation, and then sending it out into the universe.  It’s easy to get stuck because we stay unconsciously in the language of resistance, and we keep everything in our heads.

We forget to […]

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Is Fear Stopping You From Writing?

Is fear stopping you from writing when you are inspired to do so? I’m sorting through a number of books and quotes on writing that I have accumulated over the years and synthesizing what I’ve underlined into a concise set of suggestions. Here are three inspiring quotes about writing that I share in my […]

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What Does Your Heart Say About Setting Goals?

How we go about setting goals teaches us a lot about ourselves. You may be in a place to design your life and haven’t thought of tapping into your own creativity, original writing, and imaging to discover your heart’s desires. . . . You can trust this process because your heart always aligns with […]

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Do You Love the Process of Writing?

I love the process of writing, the exploration and invention of an idea with words. The frothiness and disarray of beginnings is where I touch the possibility of a story or concept, and bring it to life. Writing gives my curiosity an outlet. I also write to share ideas I find as I study […]