Are you consciously creating your life or drifting? Within the daily onslaught of all we have to do, it’s easiest to just keep going without thinking ahead.

Years ago my husband finished his job in Mississippi, and moved to Texas to be near his family. I assumed our lives would roll smoothly through the next job change without any effort or planning . . . and it didn’t.

I was a victim of what Michael Hyatt refers to as “the drift”–a metaphor for living without a plan.


It took a financially unstable transition for me to wake up. As I became thoughtful about how I perceived the situation, I came to realize that expecting the worst colored my thinking. That’s when I began to experiment with my thinking patterns and eliminating those that kept me in a place of resistance rather than possibility.

Initially my plan focused on the fact that I had a college degree and no marketable skills. I began to ask questions about how I could get more training or education to remedy that.

Eventually I included other goals like living debt free, creating an emergency fund and college funds for our children, and figuring out fun things we wanted to do with our children as they grew up.

Write Your Plan Out

Most people I talk with about creating a life fall into two categories:

  1. Those who want to take life as it comes.
  2. Those who wake up and decide where they want to go.

These individuals create a flexible action plan that moves them toward what they want in life. They make a life list of things they want to accomplish and think about attitudes and talents they want to improve. Thoreau stated,

“Most people live lives of quiet desperation: they die with their music still in them.”

Let your music out by creating your life as a blueprint on paper first. Then evaluate and adjust your plans along the way. How will you bring more happiness, gratitude, and enjoyment into your life?