We access our heart intelligence anytime we choose to grow and stretch ourselves authentically. We trust our best self—the soft voice within, rather than listening to the cacophony of voices that would encourage us to be small. Discovering our own heart intelligence makes us a different person—more capable, confident, compassionate, and resourceful.

“So many of us are afraid of meeting ourselves alone, without distraction,” begins Dawna Markova, author of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life. She continues, “Traveling from the known to the unknown requires crossing an abyss of emptiness. We first experience disorientation and confusion.

“Then, if we are willing to cross the abyss in curious and playful wonder, we enter an expansive and untamed country that has it own rhythm. Time melts and thoughts become stories, music, poems, images, and ideas.

This is the intelligence of the heart—the vast range of receptive and connective abilities: intuition, innovation, wisdom, creativity, sensitivity, and meaning making.”

In this place of heart, we are fully present, the most alive and our most creative, no matter what we are doing. This includes when we are cooking, serving, writing, dancing, gardening, playing with a child, pursuing our dreams, or appreciating a sunset, etc. We have entered into the fullness of ourself . . . it’s like entering heaven. Many of the activities found in Designing Your Life Vision assist you in accessing your heart intelligence. Order you copy today!