• Create Your Best Life

    Create Your Best Life

    Have you ever walked by a scene from nature that seemed to come straight out of heaven? Have you experienced a tender moment with a loved one, or fulfilled a dream that brought a sense of joy and satisfaction? Have you ever considered the idea that heaven starts now? Spring in full bloom does that for me. So dCreate Your Best Life

  • The Key to Empowering Better Communication

    The Key to Empowering Better Communication

    “Until we are free to think for ourselves, our dreams are not free to unfold.” Nancy Kline’s   Read More...

    Creating a Life Plan

    Creating a Life Plan

    The Biblical creation story reminds us that creating the life we desire proceeds in steps. Clarity i  Read More...

    lifeimagination website updated!

    lifeimagination website updated!

    Have you ever come to a place where you know change is in your future? What's new in your life? What  Read More...