• Marjorie Crump's testimonial

    Marjorie Crump's testimonial

    Marjorie and Ralph Crump have been friends of ours since they invested in Mity-Lite, a start-up company my husband worked for as Vice-president of Marketing and Sales. Ralph and Marjorie have provided venture capital in over a dozen other start-up businesses. Marjorie died in April 2014 and a celebration was held inMarjorie Crump's testimonial
  • Reframe Challenges as Opportunities

    Reframe Challenges as Opportunities

    Resiliency is our ability to weather life’s storms. When we’re resilient, we persist in reaching   Read More...
    How to Thrive During Times of Transition

    How to Thrive During Times of Transition

    Often, in the process of realizing our dreams, we have to make room for something unexpected. These   Read More...
    Successful People & Life Lists

    Successful People & Life Lists

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