• Practice Gratitude

    Practice Gratitude

    Take a moment to notice the things that are working well in your life and express gratitude for them. Whining, complaining, and expressing frustration about how slow you’re progressing in life sends you into the lower vibration of resistance. In fact, yelling at the seeds of your dreams will not make them grow fPractice Gratitude
  • How are Successful People Different?

    How are Successful People Different?

    Successful individuals exhibit a trait psychologists label self-efficacy—the belief that a person ca  Read More...
    Marjorie Crump's testimonial

    Marjorie Crump's testimonial

    Marjorie and Ralph Crump have been friends of ours since they invested in Mity-Lite, a start-up comp  Read More...
    Reframe Challenges as Opportunities

    Reframe Challenges as Opportunities

    Resiliency is our ability to weather life’s storms. When we’re resilient, we persist in reaching   Read More...